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Taipei’s SpacePort Festival 2022 saw MasterXP’s Asia Pacific production team team up with Cooler Master and its partners to deliver a unique and unforgettable gaming village experience for attendees.

MasterXP was tasked with organizing a gaming area where festival-goers could relax, enjoy street food, and try out the latest game releases between music acts. The company joined forces with Cooler Master to create a “gaming village” consisting of the custom Cooler Master gaming truck and four gigantic gaming-themed tents.

The Cooler Master truck hosted ten gaming PCs on the inside, offering a real mobile LAN party experience, while the tents were dedicated to meet-and-greet sessions with the artists, street food, and an entire arcade room, fully equipped with the latest gaming gear from Cooler Master, PowerColor, TeamGroup, AsRock, Microsoft Xbox, Logitech G, CMODX, and Atari. Additionally, in between the tents, attendees could find mini-golf, mini-baseball, and mini-basketball courts, all organized and managed by MasterXP.

MasterXP played a key role in ensuring that all the brands involved in the gaming village could operate in a synergetic way, providing the most seamless gamified theme to festival-goers The team’s expertise in event management and marketing helped to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for attendees.

The three-day festival was a great success, and MasterXP is now the production house of choice for gaming events in Taipei. Contact MasterXP today to see how they can help bring your gaming event ideas to life.

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