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Master Maker


We Support FUTURE Generations

Learn Whilst Playing!

We don’t just focus on the present here at MasterXP, we often look to the future and how exactly we can support and encourage younger generations to follow their dreams in developing and creating their own communities. We want to play an active role in making these things happen, so we have creator mentors on hand to support younger generations on their journey to achieve their goals. Master Maker encourages everyone to build an exciting new future together.

Master Maker Programs

Our coursers support individuals of all ages, from elementary to university, with courses offering a range of desirable topics such as the basics of computer hardware to industry knowledge, robots and even computer programming! Being hands-on as a maker is where we really thrive, and we put everything into supporting and encouraging students to custom-build and create with their hands. Gain valuable Master Maker skills along with the most exciting gaming experience and become your own creator!

With a variety of aspects ranging from maker, creator to gamer, each course is custom-made depending on the needs and levels of the individuals taking it, whilst Masterclasses and tours are also offered at the Cooler Master compound in Taipei. Let’s learn together to build a brighter future for everyone!