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 RegionGameDateTimeModeSign Up
Europe + AfricaCSGO1 July 20227.30 PM CEST2 V 2Sign Up!
Europe + AfricaRocket League9 July 20227.30 PM CEST3 V 3Sign Up!
Europe + AfricaBrawlhalla16 July 20227.30 PM CEST1 V 1Sign Up!
North AmericaCSGO1 July 20225 PM PDT2 V 2Sign Up!
North AmericaRocket League9 July 20225 PM PDT3 V 3Sign Up!
North AmericaBrawlhalla16 July 20225 PM PDT1 V 1Sign Up!
Asia-PacificCSGO1 July 20227:00 PM GMT +82 V 2Sign Up!
Asia-PacificRocket League9 July 20227:00 PM GMT +83 V 3Sign Up!
Asia-PacificBrawlhalla16 July 20225 PM PDT1 V 1Sign Up!
RegionGameDateTimeModeSign Up

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